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Writer's Block: Acquired taste

What is your favorite weird food combination? Have your friends ever tried it or do you only eat it in private?

creamy peanut butter and brie** on white bread sandwich. i think i'm the only person to concoct this sammich.

**without the rind - just the gooey insides - though i may try it sometime with the rind in tact. basically, spread non-chunky pb on one piece of bread and room temp brie on other piece, put them together and poof! they compliment each other well.

Writer's Block: The Art of Communication

Do you prefer communicating via phone, text message or email? Does using a certain one change your behavior? (I.e. Is it easier to flirt via text than over the phone? Are you more business like in email etc.?)

i hate text mesaging (i have to pay for it and also, i just don't like it). i tend not to use it unless i can't reach the person otherwise (my friend amanda let her voicemail fill up then never emptied it or even checked it so if i need to contact he i pretty much HAVE to do it by text, which annoys me honestly.  i'd prefer emails or phone calls. i hardly talk to anyone by phone though, which is why we have literally thousands of rollover minutes. only problem with email is that sometimes i may only check it two or three days of the week. i am not technophobic - i am actually well-versed in use of all kinds of computer technology but i have just grown out of it in terms of socializing. it's easier for people to be dicks when they don't have to do it to your face. electronic communications have made us an even more rude society i think.

Writer's Block: Pet central

Some animal rights activists are fighting to replace the term 'owner' with 'guardian' to convey a more balanced relationship between a person and her or his pet. Do you agree or disagree with the importance of this mission?

i keep seeing people say "well we pay for them technically so we own them"... well, some folks pay for human beings but we call them our children and they are termed "adopted" and considered part of the family. pets are the same - we pay to adopt them, bur they are our family. i work at an animal hospital and when we take the people and the animals into a room we (the techs) go and tell the doctors "[mom or dad] are in room # [whatever]" and we often refer to the animals themselves as "kids" because that's how most folks see animals,  as family. so do i prefer a more family-oriented term? yes i do. my presently care for two cats and one dog who i view as my children. i tell my parents they do have grandchildren, they just happen to have 4 legs, speech impediments, and body hair problems (my parents are raising 3 dogs and two cats themselves).  would i fight for the different terminology - i don't think so, but i do use it on a daily basis and find most people to at least feel similarly. i do think that there needs to be more of a focus on educating people on the responsibilities of raising an animal, equating it with raising a child, because there are those who find animals to be disposable, such as the person who dropped off two pit bulls living at our clinic and ended up abandoning them, the people who i hear during office visits say they will not give their dogs heartworm treatment because it costs too much so if their dog tests positive one day they will just euthanise it and get new dogs, and  the overflowing shelters and animal control facilities.  i think seeing pets as property makes it easier for people to just throw them away.  all my babies were adopted because someone else wasn't responsible and threw them away.  one was horribly neglected (she had a broken leg that had never been repaired and will one day require surgery, among a multitude of other health problems that only come from neglect when i brought her home), another was misunderstood and undisciplined because no one wanted to take the time to understand her and work with her on manners.  now they are well-behaved and nicely spoiled. :) i love them and turn into crazy worried mommy when they get sick.

plus, for those who make note of people eating animals to make the owning title ette - not everyone eats animals, and unless you eat dogs and cats... granted, i am a vegetarian, so i'm already considered crazy.
okay, all garden slash yardwork done. trying out the laundry line as i type.

put the collar cam on grimley today.  i think when i do whaley it'll be in the evening when she's a bit more active, otherwise it'd be 40 photos of the edge of the cat perch as she naps most of the day.  grimley's more active during the day than whalebone and she likes to be around while we do stuff around the house so there are photos of her fucking with me as i tried to make the bed, stuff like that. there's a cool photo of when she was perched atop the stereo in the living room and you can see part of a skull in the foreground. it was pretty neat to me at least.

tomorrow morning we will get up and go to sweet tomatoes for brunch cos i have a coupon.  unfortunately, i think x accidentally wrangled us into going over to my parents to help with something - it was supposed to be we were going to drop some things off and go but it sounds like we got suckered into sticking around for something.  lemme find out................. yep he got us suckered into doing some kinda chores or painting or something. ugh!  i may not get out of bed next weekend.

i had to explain frolicon to jamie at work today - she asked why i was at work and wasn't i going to the convention with amanda and edward. i was like, "nononononononononono!"  she asked if it was a big orgy and i was like, "well, not really but kinda."

yesterday and today while working outside mocchi got to hang out with us on her lead - still no fence despite promises by our landlord. sigh. at any rate, i think i may pick up a new lead to attach to the current one so she'll have more of a radius to move around in.  so anytime one of our neighbors evil dogs barked at her or us we just let her bark back with no reprimand cos our neighbors dogs bark at us when we are in our own house fer cryin out loud so fuck it. she loved it. she'll sleep very well tonight.  she'll also need a bath, possibly once i'm done here after x gets out of the shower before i take my own shower... otherwise tomorrow. she didn't mind our neighbor's kid riding his bike around in our backyard either, which is good; she's a good guard dog but she's learning who is okay and who is not i think.  we never have company so she hasn't had much socialization as far as visitors go, but i'm hoping when we move into our own house one day that we can work on that (like crate her in the house while we are moving things in and out with other people there helping or having friends over more or whatever).

nuff babblin - gotta go possibly bathe the mo and then bathe myself and start dinner.


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